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Exact Online Manufacturing management software is unique. For the first time, manufacturers can use the cloud to make life much easier - and business a lot better. Designed to work seamlessly with QuickBooks® Online, it automates your logistics and production, and provides realtime insight into your production processes.

Wholesale Distribution

Exact Online Wholesale Distribution software is designed for wholesale distributors. Designed to work seamlessly with QuickBooks® Online, it integrates logistics, inventory management and CRM to provide global, realtime insight into your business. All from the cloud.

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  • With Exact Online, my business processes are integrated with my financial information, giving me valuable insight into how my business is performing, not to mention the flexibility to manage all of this on the road.
    Testimonial - Chad

    Chad Dillaman

    Owner | Dillaman Mold and Manufacturing

  • Having a solution like Exact Online allows for proactive decision-making rather than post-event triage. It allows us as accountants to have an even better ongoing relationship with our clients.
    Testimonial - James

    James Cliame

    Owner | Net Result

  • With Exact Online, there’s never a delay in the flow of information – the most current information is constantly circulating which allows us to make well-informed, timely business decisions.
    Testimonial - Rodney

    Rodney Jenkins

    Partner | Harris Fabrication

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